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Recent Posts

  • Mind-Energy.Net Interview

    About a year ago, I was interviewed by Jacob Gorban at Mind-Energy.net.  We talked about my job at the Parapsychological Association, my views on the field, and some of the things I’ve encountered while managing PA conventions.  I regret that I didn’t post this to my blogs at the time, but better late than never, [...]

  • Parapsychology Seminar Series

    I’m pleased to announce that over the next few months, I will be delivering several seminars on parapsychological topics at Room Eleven in Westerville, Ohio.  With a maximum class size of 18, participants will be sure to enjoy a personal and intimate setting to discuss these fascinating topics.   There will be very little overlapping material [...]

  • “The Goodtimes” Cocktail

    I recently found myself hosting a small, private wake for a dear friend who had passed suddenly and unexpectedly.  She was a practical and thrifty woman, so instead of rushing out to buy a bunch of stuff for the occasion, I took some inspiration from her and made the best possible party cocktails out of [...]

  • Metamorphosis Performances

    This April, I’m gearing up for two performances of Metamorphosis 1-5 by Philip Glass,  where I’ll be joined by dancers Roman Sirotin and Jennifer Gordon.  Folks who have seen me perform my piano/vocal act over the years have known me to slip in a number from Glass’ cycle from time to time, but this April we’re [...]



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