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  • 2018 is the year I launch Zero – a collection of sheet music, recordings, and tour.  Stay tuned for updates, and be sure to attend our Zero Launch Party on January 14th!

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  • Homemade Dry Serrano Soda (and its infinite variations)

    Having completed the Whole30 just a few days ago, I have re-emerged into the world of beverage artistry with a new appreciation for low-glycemic drinks.  For thirty days, I had to enjoy my beverages without alcohol or any added sweeteners (except fruit juice).  Dairy was also out of the picture.  My inner bar witch could [...]

  • Mind-Energy.Net Interview

    About a year ago, I was interviewed by Jacob Gorban at Mind-Energy.net.  We talked about my job at the Parapsychological Association, my views on the field, and some of the things I’ve encountered while managing PA conventions.  I regret that I didn’t post this to my blogs at the time, but better late than never, [...]

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