August 8th Streaming Concert

On August 8th at 8pm EST I will be streaming an online concert of original songs from my song cycle for voice and piano from the warm, safe folds of Whitney and Ventola Music Studios. This short set – just under 30 minutes – will be streaming to Facebook, Twitch and YouTube simultaneously, so if […]

A COVID Cocktail

With all the time I’ve had at home lately, you’d think that I would’ve invented a dozen new cocktails by now, but as it turns out, depression isn’t exactly the mother of invention. Still, I’ve come up with a couple of good ones… This Shit is Bananas came about when I was trying to create […]

A Year in Review

The time between Christmas and my birthday (January 27th) is when I take stock of things, try to relax enough to recalibrate my instincts, and think about where I’m headed next. It’s been a year since the Zero Launch Party – a year filled with gratitude for all the friends and Patreon supporters who came out […]

New Concert Poster

A gorgeous production of illustrator Kasandra Murray, the latest artwork and concert poster for my song “Eight” is the most stunning in the collection yet! This week, I am sending a copy to my Patreon patrons at all tier levels as a “thank you” for their continuous support.  I’ve been rockin’ the gig economy for […]

Join Me at Patreon

Hey, Everyone!  I’ve got some awesome news! I just joined Patreon! In case you’re wondering, Patreon is a simple way for you to contribute to the production of the arts songs that I’m releasing every month, and get great rewards in return. Patrons enjoy exclusive access to my patron-only feed where I release sketches of song illustrations in development, […]

Sensory Deprivation

Today I got to experience my first float in a sensory deprivation tank. I set it up following my mom’s funeral and my Zero Launch Party because I really needed to relax, but a maiden voyage of this sort is somewhat anxiety-provoking, or at least it was for me. Signing the waivers and watching the […]

New Song: “Eighteen”

  Next week’s big launch party is coming together and the exciting news right now is that I’m going to be premiering a new song called “Eighteen” plus I’ll have the sheet music ready for sale at the event! A lot of great stuff is coming together.  I’ve seen the proofs of sheet music for for […]