Metamorphosis Performances

This April, I’m gearing up for two performances of Metamorphosis 1-5 by Philip Glass,  where I’ll be joined by dancers Roman Sirotin and Jennifer Gordon.  Folks who have seen me perform my piano/vocal act over the years have known me to slip in a number from Glass’ cycle from time to time, but this April we’re bringing it all together for the complete, unabridged Metamorphosis experience.

The first performance will be taking place at our recently-opened Whitney and Ventola Music Studios on the afternoon of Sunday, April 6th on my new-to-me grand piano.  My husband Christopher Whitney will be opening with a performance of  Alan Hovhaness’ Sonata for Guitar Op.1 , No. 316.  Our facility features a studio lounge art space, which we’ve opened up to local artists to showcase their work. We’ll be hosting an artist’s reception for Roman and Jennifer, who in addition to dancing to Metamorphosis, will be displaying their mixed media paintings and photography throughout April, May, and June.

Then on Saturday, April 19th, I’ll be carting my Kurzweil over the ballroom of Bosco Center (downtown) to celebrate the opening of their new gallery, curated by…you guessed it…Roman and Jennifer.  I’ve visited their space, where they also teach dance lessons, and it’s gorgeous. A night of contemporary American composers and  live dance –  not a bad way to spend a Saturday night on the town, if I say so myself…and did I mention it’s free?


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