On the Town

bar 2This weekend I got to attend three shows, two of them in private performance spaces.  As I’m getting to know the Columbus, Ohio music scene better, I’m learning that some of the most interesting shows aren’t necessarily happening in this town’s bars and concert venues.  Columbus is creating art and music in homes, factories, and warehouses too.

I started off the weekend by checking out my husband Christopher Whitney and his Rockin’ Trio at the ABC Grill Friday night.  The ABC Grill pretty conventional as far as restaurant venues go, but they consistently have good acts on Friday and Saturday nights and have slowly been developing their own scene.  Chris’s group is excellent, by the way.  I might be biased, but I do know good rock and roll when I hear it.

After that I drove downtown for the Canta Brasil House Party in Stan Smith‘s new performance space and heard some really excellent Brazilian jazz fusion.  Of course, everyone that Stan performs with is top notch, so I’m expecting that soon this performance space is going to earn a reputation.

Then Saturday my husband and I joined Erika Hughes and the Well Mannered for their ‘live recording party” at N8 Glass Music & Art Studio.  I’ve enjoyed quite a few good shows at N8 Glass over the years, and this one was no exception.  Erika and her band sounded super tight and I’m sure the resulting recording is going to be great.  With the husband and I applauding loudly, we also got to help create a little bit of history.

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